Friday, October 29, 2010

Class A Felony

The first post technically was made in 90-91 and was supposed to be released before the Blacksheep Album, we were signed at the same time with Ultra Magnetic and Bobby Konders 1990.  Unfortuntately, Lord Dumar the MC- my homeboy, my friend was murdered 11-18-91 and had to go through the redtape with mercury records.  I begged and pressured them to release the album because it was finished and I needed people to hear Dumar.  The Hip Hop World deserved to hear Dumar.  I get teary eyed when I think about that situation but I will get into it some other time.  Let's talk about the music.  First song I'm not the herb.  This was the first song we made after Dumar came home from jail.  He did a year and half cause some other motherfucker put drugs behind his radio and of course with a name like Class A Felony, he definitely wasn't gonna tell on the bitch ass nigger.

The song consisted of the sample Save Their Souls by Bohanan.  I used this before any other producer.  I actually was using it for MC Uptown-  Tommy Boy Records but we had a fall out about money, so was not giving him anymore music, and I have a demo of The 40 Dogz on it.  They were a lcoal group around my way that I developed.  But anway, myself and Dumar actually cleared that sample.  Our lawyer, Josh Grier tried but Hamilton Bohannon really didn't have good things to say about the industry.  So me and Dumar got 20 dollars in quarters went to a phone booth, yeah a phone booth nigga- I didn't have long distance on my house phone and Dumar didn't have a phone.  We had a 20 minute conversation and convinced hm to listen to the song before he decided, and call us back.  He asked for about 5000 bucks and writer's credit and it was a done deal.  He didn't like hiphop but loved Dumar's voice and commended me on the way I used that little piece of his record.  I scratched Blow Your Head by James Brown through out the whole record while Dumar crushed the vocals like the Jugganot he was.  There was also a remix which I didn't like but Mercury wanted it.  It was done by Chy Skillz from Onyx but it wasn't Class A Felony built so you know.  I'll post some other time.  Hyped Up, in the credits, they only give 45 King producer rights but really we did it together.  I supplied the meat- Blood Sweat & Tears sample.  More and more Mark provided  extra toppings- The guitar riffs and the horns.  That was our song with a nme brand person and what a nambe brand DJ Mark the 45 Fuckin King, my man.  Oh by the way Mark was very influential in us signing with Liza Cortes and Mercury Records Peace to Dave Gossett. R.I.P. Lord Dumar aka Poppa Du.

Class A Felony-Hyped Up

Class A Felony-I'm Not The Herb

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sleepwalkaz 93-94

Sleepwalkaz-Method of Madness.I sampled Quincy Jones Gula Matari and chopped Uphill Peace of Mind drums,and scratched Minnie Ripperton Baby,This Love I Have.The Mc was Rhyme-Va-Lor-a cocky light skinned camel face.He was everything a A&R wanted but like most Mc's-he shot himself in the foot,before it could get started.He later went to do work on the Prince Agmonst Thieves Lp,produced by Prince Paul.Va-lor was the first MC I worked with after Dumar passed.We had great chemistry,we did shows downtown,uptown,midtown,anywhere we could perform. We made a good album and I almost had him and another artist name Eternal (Great Mindz)signed to Mercury but they fucked it up. Second joint is In Da World. I sampled the piano from Isaac Hayes I Love You That's all and the Horns from Head Hunters- God Made Me Funky, album version.johnnie Guitar Watson In da World and World Famous Supreme Team Hey DJ. Lyrically Va-Lor kills both songs. For 1993-1994 we were fitting right in veins of Hip Hop and was certified Dope according to streets and local venues. We were underground yet commercial.
Enjoy download- DJ Stitches/Sleepwalkaz
Method of Madness/In Da World.
In Da World

Method Of Madness

Friday, October 22, 2010

Lord Dumar  Class A Felony 1967-1991 R.I.P

Monday, October 11, 2010

long island hiphop twenty four years and counting

Hello,and i welcome you to the history of WaxWerkz Ent,these blogs consist of what i have done in the so called music biz and so of the characters i have encountered. I am digginig out demos , freestyles,records,and anything i can find. So lets get to know one another. I was born Charles F. Smith Jr. aka Grand Chop Cha-Rock aka Dj Charlie Rock aka Dj Stitches the Plastic Surgeon. I was bitin by the hiphop bug at an early age.I lived in The Bronx for a moment then moved to Southside Queens and settled in Amityville L.I. at 14 0r 15.Seenig my cousin The MixMaster T.C practice djing and developing techniques inspired me all the way.I am now an accomplished Dj/Turntablist/Producer/Hiphoper4Lifer.I will periodically give a brief background or description of the stuff i post. So lets get started,these are some of my favorite joints i produced, some were released and some demoed out. But here we go