Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How To Succeed In The Music Biz Without Even Trying-Instrumental LP-DJ STITCHES


Here Is another instrumental LP mostly consisting of my late 90's stuff and some requested beats from previous releases.Enjoy!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010



Thoughtz Actionz & Xpressionz-Instrumental LP
This is the first of many instrumental LP's and EP's that I have lying around.All produced by myself,
none of it is mastered but sound quality is pretty good. These are some of the moods I'm in when I'm not just making hiphop tracks.I will post tracklist later on. Enjoy!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Elucid-The One In Man

The One In Man was an EP that I worked on with my nephew.My oldest nephew got music full time ,my sister is a great singer Adriane Hall and my brother in-law Warren plays bass.The Class A Felony cd influenced him alot and he is still grinding till this day.These are his first songs early in his career-he was rugged and raw and sharp.Peep the vocab.

The Essentials

Heavy Rotation Ft. Jay Supreme

Strong Island

You Don't Want It FT. 2Face & IllaKnotti                                                                                           

The Real Bizarre Reality

The next artist is Bizarre Reality,yes way before that corny dude from D-12.He was my answer to Canibus but not so much over the top.He belong to the 5%Nation of Islam as were most of my MC's and he had messages in his music,it wasn't just rap rap rap.It was 96-97 and you still had to be a lethal writer. Blastin Off was a braggadoius song with great wordplay and Win,Lose or Draw is about the struggle to stay alive in the fucked up world.So check us out and enjoy
Blastin Off

Win,Lose or Draw

Great Mindz

Some of the artist I have worked with did their best stuff with me.They call me the idol maker,cause if you did four songs with me you were now idolized.I could take an average rapper and make him a deadly MC,theres a big difference.I bring to you Great Mind. Eternal Intellect was the MC and of course I did everything else.He never got signed but we made great songs.I always knew how to get the best songs out of my artist because I know how to set mood for writing and my music makes you think.E.I came from another group but the they wasn't ready,but I knew I could mold and help him grow song wise.E.I sounded like Sadat X but his vocab was much sharper and his lazy flow was just right over my music.He was 6'6" and I'm 6'5" so we called the album Land Of The Giantz. The first song is Funky 4 You.The track was so dope that Broadway of MCA Records heard it and I wind up selling it to Rakim along with two other tracks that Ra never used.I got paid but Pete Rock and CL Smooth used the same sample for I Got to Love.I think someone leaked the track cause they sound real simular.But here they are Funky 4 you /Never Have The Skillz                                                                                                                                                     
Funky 4 You

Never Have The Skillz                                                                                                                              


In 1998 I met Jay Supreme,a laid back cool brother from C.I. (Central Islip).Jay has that Mobb Deep, Nas Queensbridge type flow.We linked up and did an album but never released it,we maybe pressed 100 copies.The album sonically was unfinished but the songs were dope.Here are the what would have been the singles.
 Shock The World    
Mortal Kombat

These Are The Dayz/Top Emcee-Dj Stitches/Rhyme Va-lor

These Are The Dayz

Top Emcee                                                                                                                                           
Once again I bring another 12 inch. This song was made in 1994 and I finally pressed it 97-98.The artist was Rhyme Va-lor and like most MC's he was a P.I.M.A(pain in my ass).He acted like he was spending money, when actually I was spending my money.He was an ungratefull son of a bitch and everyone who he came in contact with him would want to punch him in his face.In any event I got distribution with FatBeats and Unique.The buyers at Unique were cool but Fat Beats-they have a name but the suck at doing business.The two jerks that worked there were assholes.They tried to give me the run around for 1600 bucks.My gripe was if you sold the records give me my money.On this one I made Va-lor sign a work for hire agreement and sent him on his way,so he could go suck on Prince Paul's nuts.Most people don't realize I developed DeLaSoul not Paul and not PUNK ASS MASE.But anyway check these joints out and I still have some wax left on this one leave a comment to order.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lord Dumar

On November 18 1991 at  about 12:07 am Edward Dumar Israel was murdered by some cowards.For those who didn't know him,he was my friend.He also was the nicest MC coming out of North Amityville Long Island fuck DeLaSoul It has withstood the test of time,the Class A Felony album is certified CLASSIC HIPHOP.Just last month the police contacted me and said they have new info and some cowards names and prints have surfaced.Now i'm not a cop friendly dude,but if they catch these mf's all praises due shit its been 20 years and nothing,now they have new info that shit sounds good to me.But here is the god doing his thing as he always did.R.I.P Poppa Du                                                                                     
I GOT A Warrant


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DJ STITCHES Presentz:Twelve Inches Of Soul #5 PodCast-WW-001

download here                                                                                                                             
This is the first official podcast of my blog.This is some r&b,but I will be posting all sorts of interesting podcast.You can play it,or download it,or I can send it you the link with the player.So enjoy some good musik and tell a friend or two.                                                                                                          

Monday, November 8, 2010

cover:The Spirit-Ilacoin/Dj Stitches

Now in my search on the web,I find out at least two more people calling themselves DJ STITCHES,it pisses me off because I've used that name publiclly and as a professonal since 1989.One mutherfucker from Texas wasn't even born and the other is some Goth dj overseas I guess.My thing is when you pick a name it should be original.I mean search yhe name on google or something and stop biting.I bet you mutherfuckers wouldn't pick Q-Bert or Roc Raida as your name,shit I been djing & producing for almost a quarter century and I got to share my name with some under-skilled wanna be. Fuck that get off my dick and come up with your own name.Anyway in 1997 I met Ilacoin.He claims to have had music out prior but the only deal he had was with Game Recordings and I got him that deal.(Peace to Sheck ,Ric ,Kid Swift  and Beef)He had two releases on Game,first was By Stranger feat. Black Rob & Labba,the second was Keep It Street ft. Sadat X and produced by G-Wise,tThe Spirit was produced by me and G-Wise did the talkbox.This that and the Third was produced by Easy Moe Bee.I'm only posting up The Spirit cause it was the best joint on it.The two other songs were never released.I really didn't care for the Moe Bee track ,but the G-wise track was tight.I had a fall out over money and thats what  pulls things apart.So here are the three songs that should have been released.                                


The Spirit

Dead Man Walkin

Treat A Hoe...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Lord Dumar -Class A Felony 90-91

North Amityville's Finest  R.I.P We Never Stop Remembering                                                                                                                                                
Poppa Don't Play

Their All Gonna Laugh At You

Monday, November 1, 2010